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CSS Cladding LTD is the UK’s number 1 supplier of decorative cladding panels, building boards and fabrication services to the construction industry. Our range of decorative rainscreen cladding panels include laminate are available in a different size and thickness such as 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm including fibre cement and aluminium decorative panels.

CSS Cladding LTD is a nationwide manufacturer and supplier of Decorative Cladding, Insulation, Facade Systems, Frame and Fixings, Building Boards, Fire Protection Products, Panel Fabrication and CNC Service to the Construction and Engineering industries.

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Decorative Cladding

Decorative Cladding is the rear ventilated facade cladding systems, perfect ideal solution for the energy saving measurement required in today’s everyday life, Decorative Cladding is suitable for both old and new buildings.

Decorative Cladding is the traditional solution for keeping rainwater out of buildings has been to provide walls that are fully sealed against any weather by using fire barriers, including joints and sealants.

Decorative Cladding. The ideal of a rainscreen cladding façade is to offers a relatively very simple solution to all the problem of keeping rainwater away from the buildings and all together there is several variations and the principal concepts are ventilated cavities.

Decorative Cladding Today, ventilated facades are applied and use around the world worldwide because Decorative Cladding allowed any architects to meet every single requirement regardless of the climate. Simple by creating construction for external wall, Decorative Cladding ventilated air space between the cladding and the construction serves to maintain a very healthy indoor climate. The effectiveness of a rear ventilated Decorative cladding system is too maintained even under unfavourable internal or external atmospheric conditions, for example in the textile environment and industry or in a swimming pool including breweries etc. there is no other wall construction which is currently able to fulfil the growing requirements for protection against heat and dampness or noise including fire.

CSS CLADDING supply all the major Decorative cladding such as Trespa, Equitone, Cembrit, Rockpanel Formica, Valcan, Alucobond, Fundermax, Cedral, Viroc and James Hardie which are all manufactured from a different and various natural materials and finishes, Decorative cladding providing a wide range of choice for product and material options which including cement bonded particle boards or high pressure laminate including stone aggregate and fibreglass or aluminium composite panel.