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What are the benefits of Rockpanel Cladding?

Rockpanel cladding offer a very sustainable board which is mostly used in a ventilated construction; façade cladding, roof detailing, soffits and fascias.

Rockpanel cladding is manufactured from a very sustainable resource, basalt rock. Rockpanel cladding panel combine all the benefits of stone including the wood together in one. .

Rockpanel is a very flexible and very robust board which can be shape easily in any shape or form. Regardless of what you are try to build or design Rockpanel boards offer everyone a limitless design possibilities, thanks to their flexible dimensions and vast range of colours. Plus, Rockpanel is also produced from a very sustainable resource with a unique property resulting in durable, workable and very low maintenance boards. .

Rockpanel cladding panel can be processed just as easy as wood, Rockpanel cladding panel has a very light weight nature, thus which keeping your Rockpanel cladding panel construction and your Rockpanel cladding panel installation costs down. .

rockpanel cladding
rockpanel boards

Rockpanel is 100% weather, UV proof and temperature, and its low maintenance. Rockpanel cladding panel is guaranteed by the manufacturer, Rockpanel cladding panel are treated with a water based coating that keeps and maintain their appearance and colour including finish for many years to come. Rockpanel cladding panel is available in so many different colours and different designs. Each Rockpanel product has its own beautiful characteristics. Rockpanel cladding panel is the ideal for facades cladding, roofing edge applications or for that very special details such as ceiling or entrances including infilling. Classic or bold, restrained or just playful, charming or idiosyncratic – with Rockpanel cladding panel you will give every house or industrial building a very unique look. .

CSS CLADDING offers of Rockpanel across the UK, CSS CLADDING has a nationwide cutting and CNC facilities including our national technical backup and support. CSS CLADDING offer a fabrication and CNC and we can cut and drill Rockpanel boards to your exact specification. CSS CLADDING offers all the full range of Rockpanel cladding, including: Rockpanel Colours, Rockpanel Woods, Rockpanel Metals, Rockpanel Chameleon, Rockpanel Natural, Rockpanel Lines2 and Rockpanel Ply.