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Why Do Most People Prefer Cembrit Cladding?

Cembrit cladding provide a choice of panels with a very strong technical specification. Cembrit fibre cement cladding is a very beautiful fibre cement building material that always offers a great durability which also comes with virtually no maintenance requirements and a very beautiful natural looking and feel.

Cembrit cladding sheets combine the strength with ease of handling and a selection of stylish versatile colour options, making Cembrit fibre cement cladding ideal for any facade. Cembrit fibre cement cladding functionality is at the top amongst other fibre cement cladding. A secret behind this very beautiful fibre-cement panel with combination of a very impressive strength of Cembrit cladding sheets results from Cembrit manufacturing process. Cembrit fibre cement cladding panel is a laminates of fibre cement sheet which are layered and compressed under tremendous pressure after which the sheets have to go through a slow curing process.

Cembrit fibre cement cladding reinforced by specially selected fibres; the many thin layers give fibre-cement the strength with few equals in the world of building materials. A major advantage of fibre-cement cladding is that it has the ability to resist any weather of all kinds. Intense heat, drenching frosts and thaws, none of these pose any threat to fibre-cement facades. Cembrit cladding sheets retain their shape all the times, and also Cembrit cladding has the ability to resist any fungal and rot infection which is equally impressive. All this make Cembrit fibre cement cladding a very durable facade with minimal or no maintenance requirements at all. Few building materials offer a combination of architectural scope with a very strong technical specifications as convincing as the Cembrit fibre cement claddings range. Easy handling is another aspect of Cembrit functionality.

cembrit cladding boards
cembrit cladding
cembrit cladding panels

Architectural and building site professionals appreciate how Cembrit fibre-cement sheets are very easy to transport, rout, drill, cut and install.

Cembrit cladding panels offer very low construction costs and a very shorter construction time. Cembrit fibre cement sheets are made from natural materials: cement which is a mixture of chalk and clay including a sand and a water, supplemented by a non-toxic organic fibre. Cembrit fibre cement cladding sheets which are fully reusable and also Cembrit fibre cement cladding energy footprint of the manufacturing process is modest.