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Featured Product - Cedral

Timelessly beautiful facades

At CSS CLADDING LTD we believe in a very beautiful, and everlasting homes. With beautiful weatherboards that exceed all the highest standards, we help you create a home with a perfectly finish that will last you a lifetime.

Cedral weatherboard can be installed vertical or horizontal, with any of your Cedral Click or Cedral Lap the way you install depend on your style. Both Cedral Click or Cedral Lap comes in a sooth finish planks or wood finish plank. Weatherboard is a very beautiful material. This is also a Fibre cement board which is non-combustible.

What is fibre cement cladding?

Fibre cement is a very beautiful material which combines the very best of science and nature. It is a very sustainable material which is made of very fine cement including a cellulose and sand with synthetic fibres and of course with the water, which will always allowing for a very strong and very high-performance cladding that will always add value to your home.

Our cladding products

- Cedral Click

Cedral Click is a very beautiful flush fitting cladding, which always creating a very contemporary flat finish.

Cedral Click is a very beautiful flush fitting tongue and groove cladding that can be very easily fitted vertically or horizontally, to creating that very contemporary flat finish.

Cedral Click is also available in a21 colours* different colour, with either a woodgrain finish or a smooth finish which offering you a complete design and flexibility.

See it for yourself and request your free sample from us today here at CSS CLADDING LTD.

Technical Specifications


Cedral Click external cladding are super easy to install and also maintain. Cedral Click planks have a tongue and groove system and this can be easily placed in horizontally or vertically. Which also available in 21 colours*, with a woodgrain or smooth finish to create your very own perfect aesthetic finish.

Please note that there are 11 standard colours, with a further 10 colours within the range, bespoke colours and Cedral Click Smooth which also may be subject to minimum order quantities and extended lead times. Please contact us here at CSS CLADDING LTD for more details, or see the Cedral Facade Brochure on our website for full details on which are standard and non-standard colours.

Length 3600 mm
Width 186 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Weight per siding 12.20 kg
Number of sidings/m² facade surface 1.60 sidings/m²
Fire safety classification A2-s1, d0

- Cedral Lap

Cedral Lap is a very beautiful low maintenance cladding which always creates a traditional overlap appearance. It is also available in a choice of 21 factory applied colours or 2 woodstain finishes.

See it for yourself and request your free sample from us here at CSS CLADDING LTD

Design Finishes

(i) Cedral Lap Wood Finish

(ii) Cedral Lap Smooth Finish


Cedral Lap is very easy to install and to maintain. It can be overlap in horizontally or vertically to create a very deep shadow lines or just to fit with an open joint for a minimalistic look. Cedral Lap external cladding are also available in 21 different factory applied colours and 2 woodstain finishes, Cedral Lap can help you create your own very personalised facade.

Length 3600 mm
Width 190 mm
Thickness 10 mm
Weight per siding 11.20 kg
Number of sidings/m² facade surface 1.74 sidings/m²
Fire safety classification A2-s1, d0

- Cedral Board

Cedral soffit and fascia boards can be used to cover any roof edges including reveals and other facade elements. All products in this range have a very smooth finish and are available in the same very painted colours as Cedral, which will always allow you to creating a very attractive and consistent look down to the very last detail!

Cedral Soffit and Fascia Boards

Cedral Board is ideal for soffits and fascias

Technical Specifications


Cedral soffit and fascia board is available in panel widths of 20cm, 30cm and 40cm and in a large size, please see all the available dimension below, Cedral soffit and fascia board will always be giving you that perfect professional finish across all your soffits, fascias and other facade elements. Cedral Boards are also available in a selection of our very popular colours.

Available dimensions 200mm x 2500mm 300mm x 2500mm 400mm x 2500mm 1220mm x 2500mm 1220mm x3050mm
Thickness 9 mm
Weight per siding Ranges from 6.5 to 47.4 kg depending on the size
Fire safety classification A2-s1, d0


To make installation even easier, we have the right tools for you.


The Cedral trim range has everything you need to finish your facade.