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What Are the Benefits of Cedral Cladding?

Cedral Click is a flush fitting tongue and groove cladding that can be fitted vertically or horizontally, creating a contemporary flat finish.

Cedral Click is available in 21 colours*, with either a woodgrain or smooth finish offering you complete design flexibility.

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Cedral Cladding Benefits

Cedral cladding is easy to install and maintain. The planks have a tongue and groove system and can be placed horizontally or vertically. Available in 21 colours*, with a woodgrain or smooth finish to create a perfect aesthetic finish.

• No need to paint
• Available in 21 colours*
• Can be installed horizontally or vertically
• Low maintenance: simply wash with soap and water
• Dimensional stability: panels don't move due to temperature changes

*11 standard colours, with a further 10 colours within the range, bespoke colours and Cedral Click Smooth which may be subject to minimum order quantities and extended leadtimes. Please see the Cedral Facade Brochure for full details on which are standard and non-standard colours.

Cedral Lap is a low maintenance cladding which creates a traditional overlap appearance. It is available in a choice of 21 factory applied colours or 2 woodstain finishes.

Why Choose Cedral Boards?

Cedral Lap is easy to install and to maintain. Overlap it horizontally or vertically to create deep shadow lines or fit with an open joint for a minimalistic look. Available in 21 factory applied colours and 2 woodstain finishes, Cedral Lap can help create a personalised facade.

• No need to paint
• Extensive selection of standard colours
• Can be installed horizontally or vertically
• Low maintenance: simply wash with soap and water
• Dimensionally very stable

Cedral soffit and fascia boards can be used to cover roof edges, reveals and other facade elements. All products in this range have a smooth finish and are available in the same painted colours as Cedral, creating an attractive, consistent look down to the very last detail!

Cedral Soffit & Fascia Board Benefits

Cedral soffit and fascia board is available in panel widths of 20, 30 and 40cm, giving the perfect professional finish across soffits, fascias and other facade elements. Cedral Boards are available in a selection of popular colours.

• Sustainable finishing of roof edges and facade elements
• Extensive selection of standard colours
• Low maintenance
• Easy to install
• Colour matched accessories

Cedral weatherboard offer a range of fibre cement materials for your home. Whether it’s for facades or roofs, we’ve got it covered!

Cedral Lap creates a traditional shiplap aesthetic and is available in 21 colours and 2 woodstains.

Cedral Click is the first fibre cement tongue and groove cladding material creating a modern, flush-fitting facade.

The exterior look of your Cedral facade can be completed with a full range of complementary accessories and soffit and fascia boards.

Or you can opt for our slates for facades, creating that unique envelope look of your home - providing a second protective skin, and enabling performance continuity between roofs and facades.

Cedral fibre cement slates offer beautiful, durable, high-performance solutions that are tough enough to withstand the most volatile weather conditions.

Cedral Roofs offer four fibre cement slate ranges; Rivendale, Birkdale, Thrutone Textured and Thrutone Smooth meaning we have everything you need for your roof. Choose the colour, finishing, size and roofing accessories to create the perfect feel for your home.

Cedral light-weight fibre cement slates are the ideal material for every project. Get inspired and discover the endless creative and aesthetic possibilities of our slates.

Cedral Roofs range of fibre cement slates (formerly under the brand name of Eternit), have been putting roofs over heads for decades. We are one of the UK’s most experienced company when it comes to fibre cement slates and roofing. Cedral slates are strong, uniform in size and are tough enough to withstand the most volatile weather conditions.

Cedral fibre cement combines the best of science and nature. It is a sustainable material made of cement, cellulose, sand, synthetic fibres and water, allowing for strong and high-performance cladding that adds value to your home.